WIFI Equipment

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This product is a state of the art product to boost your WiFi in bad areas and comes as 3 units.
You can put these around your property covering upto 6000 square foot.

A point to point system allows you to send the internet from your house to an out building or home office without the need of running cables under ground. These units require a line of site so they can give you the best service possible. The point to point system only loses 2-3 Mbps of your incoming speeds.

Our outdoor WIFI system is fantastic for people that enjoy the garden in the summer to farmers / packers that require outdoor WIFI coverage in there yards to scan the QR codes on the fruit bins to keep track of dispatch and deliveries.

This is the best product we sell to create the best WIFI network throughout your property.
We use state of the art equipment to provide you with hard wired access points to different locations in your property each access point covers a significant area and gives you the same speeds as the router. All of the AP's are encrypted to the same as the router so no drop outs if using WIFI calling or video chat.

We can supply a bracket and pole Installation if the antenna requires additional height due to the type of building the antenna is being fitted to (Only compatible with the ultra high gain antenna).

The non penetrating roof mount is designed for the antenna to sit on top of a container or out building this is held down by slabs and sat on a rubber matt

Wireless Access Points

Snom D385

WIFI Mesh Network

Snom D335

Powerline Adaptors

Gigaset R650H

Point 2 Point Network

Gigaset S650H

Outdoor WIFI System

Gigaset C430HX