*SPECIAL OFFER* O2 Consumer Unlimited Data Package £39.99 PM

£0.00 exc VAT

We can provide the Ultra high gain antenna on contract hire. This is the best antenna we provide with a 14DB gain compared to our normal antenna of 8DB gain. We advise this for extra remote areas & providing our customers the best service we can.

This product is a state of the art product to boost your WiFi in bad areas and comes as 3 units.
You can put these around your property covering upto 6000 square foot.

This is the best product we sell to create the best WIFI network throughout your property.
We use state of the art equipment to provide you with hard wired access points to different locations in your property each access point covers a significant area and gives you the same speeds as the router. All of the AP's are encrypted to the same as the router so no drop outs if using WIFI calling or video chat.

O2 Consumer Unlimited package includes:

  • £39.99 pm
  • 24 month contract
  • Equipment is on contract hire and installation is £159.99

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